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cool japanese tattoo idea w/ deep meaning:

kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu

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What are you doing, Master?! Get some tissues! Get tissues!!

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I’m in the group of people who don’t see a reason for Psycho Pass to be called a rip-off of Minority Report. I don’t get why people may think so. If we go on calling this or that a rip-off, then i will 100% look down upon the Black Swan who is a rip-off of Perfect Blue, or The Matrix which incorporated several things from Ghost in The Shell. There’s nothing wrong in inspiring ideas! And do any of you think no one takes another’s ideas to use them in his own story? They may share similar themes, but when you have a crime-fighting story, advanced technology, there will be similarities in every show dealing with this. PP might have been inspired by several shows including MR but calling it a rip-off is far too much and ridiculous. Plus, in the movie the three precogs see the future! In PP it’s realistic - they use technology to directly evaluate you by reading your brain. This difference is huge and makes those two shows take different turn of events. Besides, in PP murder happens no matter how advanced and complicated the system is because they don’t see the fucking future and the anime tries to stay realistic. PP shows problems and points of views and they try to make us question what we saw, whereas in MR it was more intimate, personal story.

I watch to enjoy, not to play the all-knowing critic. And even if it has flaws, the most important thing is how consistent the story was, how well it was told, how well the events followed one another, how well the characters are shown, how well are developed (not how much, since here we’re not talking about 100 episodes time), how well the colors were used to make the atmosphere, the music and so on. And though its flaws, Psycho Pass is a real gem and treasure and managed to be fantastic and not poorly made, or a copy of something else out there.

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Never Let Me Down Again + waving

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"Stripped" [1986]
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